SABA- At the Crossroads of Food & Culture

When I first started writing the blog and documenting food experiences, I wondered what it was that drew me more to some than others. It all made sense when I had the pleasure of finally dining at Saba in New Orleans – a culinary homage of chef Alon Shaya to his heritage and memories.

Hummus with Brussel Sprouts

Culture is uniquely centered around food and the memories they bring back. It is the perfect carrier to bring together people and, conversation starter and an expression of culture, roots and experiences.

Feta and that is all you need

I am no food critic but for me the biggest tell is when you close your eyes with the first bite you take and sometimes tear up ( like me :)) because it is the best food you’ve tasted, that my friends is when you know it cant get any better.

Fresh Pita from the Oven

But at Saba it just keeps getting better from the po -boy to the lamb burger pocket – it never ends. What carries common in all the food you eat is how beautifully “soul food” of NOLA shines through in all the dishes. I walked away truly inspired and validated in my journey to tell a story in every bite.

Oyster Po Boy goes to Israel
Lamb pocket

So if you find yourself in New Orleans or planning a trip, I cannot recommend this haven of good food enough to y’all. My advise: go  hungry, take friends and family, and if possible go more than once. Everyone at Saba is the nicest group you will meet including the Chef himself.

Let me know if y’all make it to SABA and when there eat a little for me too will ya?

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