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NISSI VEGAN – A healthy plant based Austin Experience

It is that time of the year here in Austin where one can truly enjoy being out and there is nothing more true to the experience than the Austin food trucks. This week we decided to check out Nissi Vegan in East Austin. I discovered them over SXSW at a pop up and was pleasantly surprised how good the flavors of these plant based meals were.One of the many reasons I love food is it is such an easy conversation starter and the owner of the food truck was delightful and so passionate about his creation. The fact that he went vegan 3 years ago and decided to share the flavors of his culture and start this food truck. I learned a lot about Monterrey and kiddo got to show of his prowess in Spanish.

Now let’s talk food. What should you order? everything! because everything is so good. My boys’ love meat and I have not seen them devour anything with such vigor. We got the ‘Carne Asada’ , ‘Cheek -N with the Adobo and the Natcho plate. I am not much of a refried beans kinda person but this one i will eat anytime.

The food truck is open Tuesday -Saturday for lunch and dinner. There is plenty street parking and I think they have some live music in the evenings. We saw some people set up but it was way past kiddo’s bedtime!

So if you are looking for a truly Austin experience and a friendly conversation head over to Nissi Vegan. I promise you will not be disappointed. Actually you might surprise your self how much you enjoy this plant based meal.

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