Chilantro Atx- A no regret feel good meal

When we first moved to Austin, I had no idea that Kimchi was such a versatile ingredient until I went to Chi’lantro 4 years ago. Life as I knew it was about to change when the Kimchi fries and kimchi on pretty much everything was served to us! Have not looked back since y’all and have been a huge fan of this local restaurant ever since.

Fast forward a few years, went out to try the new location at 303 Colarado st here in Austin TX and was pleasantly surprised at the spread and add ins for the bowls. Especially the marinated tofu which is really flavorful. As you can see my eyes were bigger than my stomach but had some help from my boys’ and putting all this deliciousness way was not too hard. 🙂

Definitely eat everything if possible but if you love pork or beef, try it in a glass noodle bowl with all the fixins – to me this was korean bbq meets tex- mex at its best.

And the sauces- I mean just look at the options. Ask the friendly staff and they will help you pick the one that works best for your taste buds. I got a mix of spicy and spiciest.

Chi’lantro salad bowls are my new go to when I want my fill of tasty, healthy and flavor.

Last but not the least, their wings are truly divine. The crisp and sauce are just right and paired with the sri racha………… the BEST.

So if you find yourself hungry and in Austin try out Chi’lantro’s new downtown location 


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