Sweet Potato Fry

We are all in very interesting times together yet so far apart. I am glad that food and conversations around them can still keep us together. Cooking and going back to creating recipes in these times where the whole world is struggling with a new normal is a good way for me to document this …

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Holiday Biscotti

I love a good cup of coffee and sitting down with a cup and some homemade treats feels quite decadent. But not when I have a batch of these homemade holiday biscotti. Made a batch of this edible gift for a friend’s holiday party tonight and saved myself a few. The recipe is inspired by …

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Boozy Banana Bread

Growing up in Calcutta in India, winters were my favorite time of the year. Besides the fact that the humidity was no longer 99% and the power cuts were less brutal but also because the bakeries were flooded with the Christmas fruit cakes loaded with all the indulgence and decadence one could imagine.  I did …

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