Apricot Bread Pudding – stuffed with Brie.

Whipping up gourmet French Toast on a weekday? Why not especially when one is reminded of an apricot bread pudding from their childhood. I present to you “Apricot Brie French Toast” on a Tuesday- yes that’s right on a weekday at 8 am! And while you are completely shocked by this elaborate weekend dish on a weekday, I had very little to do with this except taking pictures and stewing the apricots. My kitchen was taken over by my husband and what came of it was delicious to a fault.

My husband loves a good dessert and so while these apricots stewed, he was reminded of a an apricot bread pudding that his mother use to make when he was a kid. Hence this creation was born. The brie has this rich almost umami flavor that balances the sweetness of the apricot flavor. Not necessary but then how would you take it a step further right?

The brie was folded in with the apricot puree with a dash of milk and piped into  thick slices of challah bread and then given the luxurious egg bath seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg.

I can only think of the fragrances of a bakery in the morning with freshly baked goods screaming butter and flavor, when the stuffed toast hit the iron skillet. Perfection.

Be warned, this is not a breakfast one should opt for if trying to stay away from calories. But then again these are all the good calories with a generous blob of love -straight to the heart and then in places you would rather it not go to. Well my morning was perfect and while there is a line of dishes staring at me from the kitchen sink, the apricot- brie -stuffed french toast was so worth it.

Thanks babe. Love ya.


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