Hi. Welcome to Beyond Curry - a collection of recipes, gatherings, people and experiences.

HI, I am Nitya - the food maker, photo taker and storyteller and am so glad that you are here. Coming from India, almost all our lives, events and conversations have bee belly-driven and creating a mix of flavorful, aromatic, homemade gourmet food is almost compulsive for me.

This blog is all about a journey into the world of food inspired by memories of childhood and all the flavors, people and travel in my life.

Why am I doing this?

Everyday cooking can be daunting and overwhelming- don't worry I have those days too! My intent through Beyond Curry is to demystify this process and infuse global flavors in the way we cook, eat and entertain. Food has a unique unifying quality that brings people together to the table. My hope is that my work will inspire and bring people together to break bread.

Food photography and styling are an extension of my life as an architect and visual designer. I love composition, color and light. To see some of my work outside the kitchen click here.

So come along as I share "my food stories".

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