A Bowl to Remember

Every once in a while, I like to take a break from the kitchen or the many dishes that go in a meal. I can’t think of an easier way than digging into my go to bowls here in Austin including two homemade options that are really easy to put together and can be changed really as you go along.

The very first feel good bowl is from Curcuma -an Austin food trunk run by Rachel Musquiz who is bringing some really tasty, healthy, vegan food and supplements to town. Definitely a must try. My favorite is this zoodles bowl with spirulina and avocados- absolutely divine!

Next up my neighborhood favorite restaurant MezzeMe, serving up the most incredible Turkish bowls loaded with spices, and flavors that take me back to Turkey. Fresh, clean, and a very family friendly space. I almost always order the chicken kebabs only because my boys get everything else off the menu. Their falafels are really really good y’all so go try some.

And then there is my go to weekday lunch or dinner bowl that only takes a few ingredients and all of ten minutes to make. Absolutely delicious. Kimchi fried rice bowl with my favorite Mother In Laws Kimchi.

This bowl right here is my son’s absolute favorite- The Chashu Rice Bowl with pork  at Ramen Tastuya. He does not care to look at the menu- goes straight to the counter and places his order drumming his fingers wondering why we take so long to order. Their ramen no doubt is the best but if you find yourself here in Austin or are planning to go there do give it a try.

Last but not the least my Ranch 99 dream bowl -homemade, healthy and loaded with flavor, soba noodles and marinated tofu. Meals can be very easy when you can eat them in a bowl.

All the bowls are linked to the source of goodness- location or recipe so do give them a try and as always if you do please tag @beyond.curry in your tasty bites

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